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Tree Surgeons Townsville is one of the leading full tree service arborist companies. Our certified arborists hold current Diplomas and Certificates available in Australia. This ensures job safety, high quality workmanship, and the right advice for the care of your trees. Whether your yard needs a makeover or you have a rotten tree that needs dealing with, you can depend on us for quick & dependable service. With a variety of services from lopping, cutting, and pruning to removal, we can manage your demands at a reasonable cost. To find out more regarding our Arborist services or to schedule cheap Tree Removal Douglas wide services, call us today on 1300 712 056.


Tree Surgeons Townsville is an established full-service trees and shrubs care company with over 15 years of experience. Our team can assist you with your tree care needs like small/large tree removal, tree lopping, tree trimming, and
stump grinding to keep them healthy all year long! Preventive care is vital to the health of your trees and shrubs. Trees that are not cared for correctly will wither away in time, so it’s best to take care of them early before they end up being a problem or hazard.

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Townsville Surgeons’ team of competent tree care professionals guarantee your complete satisfaction with any of our tree removal, tree care, tree pruning, or stump grinding services. You can help improve the environment by planting more trees today!


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October 01, 2019

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Specialized Company

We are a tree services business specialized in Residential & Commercial Tree Services.

Licensed & Insured

Tree Surgeons Townsville is a licensed and insured tree service company. Safety is our top concern.


With safety tools and appropriate training, our professionals can make certain you’re safe while they work on your trees.


We are a business that has remained in the tree service business for over 15 years. We have seen it all and done it all.

Free Consultations

We offer free assessments to assess what requires to be done and advise services best matched for your requirements.

Reputable Company

Our business is recognized in the Tree service industry, we have over 15 years of experience and the very best professional arborists

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More About Douglas

Douglas is a suburb of Townsville in the City of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Douglas had a population of 7,744 people.

How To Hire a Quality Tree Surgeon In Douglas

Trees are essential in keeping the environment healthy. They likewise increase property value and aesthetics, and that’s where Tree Surgeons Townsville comes into play for urban care or to maintain trees in suburbia when needed. Preventive tree care is better than tree removal or mishaps due to branches falling off. Always employ an expert tree surgeon if you require help with your tree care needs.
Hire quality tree surgeon

Some terms used to describe an arborist are tree surgeon and tree doctor. The term arboriculture comes from the word meaning “to study all things trees”. It is a subset of horticulture with some knowledge crossing over. Arborists identify issues in trees similar to doctors do for patients or surgeons would for surgeries.

Arborists are referred to as tree surgeons because they get rid of parts similar to surgeons might surgically extract tumors without harming other parts of the body.

How do you go about choosing a tree surgeon in Douglas?

Follow the following steps to employ a quality tree surgeon in Douglas

Check their skills and certifications

A tree surgeon is a qualified specialist who has completed a Certificate course in Arboriculture. To become an arboriculturist, you will require a minimum of 20 months of training that teaches all skills required for taking care of large metropolitan environments with lots of tree populations like green spaces or business parks.

It would be best if you always were sure that any contractor or individual offering services on your property is fully qualified prior to employing them. In today’s world, where many individuals operate in these areas without appropriate licensing, certifications, and experience, no one wants an unskilled weekend warrior cutting down trees instead of taking care of them properly!

Do they have public liability insurance coverage?

Tree removal and pruning is a risky job, even for the best professionals. It would be best to make certain that the tree surgeon you hire has existing public liability insurance since this will safeguard you in case of a mishap.

Before hiring somebody, call their insurer and validate if they are still covered under your policy before signing any documents with them! Also, if the job is big, make sure the insurance coverage is adequate. Tree services like tree lopping and pruning must be performed with the utmost care. Tree experts understand trees and have insurance coverage, so it is wise to leave this work to them.

Experience is absolutely required

How can you tell if a tree surgeon is experienced? Well, one way to do this would be by taking a look at when they registered their business. For example: If the registration date is above five years, then they are a professional! You could also ask questions like “What kind of trees are these?” and “How will you remove or prune my plants?”. From the answers, he/she gives-you’ll get a pretty good idea about whether he/ she understands what they’re doing.

A tree specialist will have experience under his belt as well as the right education. In addition, an experienced tree service company will know how to manage the team and deliver customer satisfaction.

Do they have the appropriate equipment and physique?

Tree surgeons need the right tools for the job, and you should enquire if they have the appropriate gear. Tree surgical treatment is a physically challenging occupation that requires hours of climbing up trees with heavy equipment. The operator must be fit have no fear of heights. They must likewise be passionate about their work and love working with trees.

The most important thing to do when selecting a business is to find somebody you would trust with your home. This will ensure that they take the utmost care in their work and won’t make any careless mistakes which can put their and yours life at risk.

Look at the reviews

When you discover a company that has the right qualification and experience, you can check their reviews to see if their customer care is good. Ratings can inform you a lot about a business and will help you select the best business.

Nevertheless, don’t rely entirely on reviews. A study found that 49% of all reviews are from friends or relative who have been compensated in one way, shape or form. So when taking a look at client feedback, try not to pay attention to just positive reviews. If there is one negative remark about returning calls within 24 hours, it’s probably ok, but considerable issues require attention.

Any successful business requires more than simply having the right job skills. Communication and punctuality are equally vital to ensure an effective work environment for all involved in this challenging profession.

Request a comprehensive quote

You would be wise to employ a tree surgeon who will offer you with an extensive quote after carrying out the evaluation. Companies might steer clear of offering such quotes and instead offer vague notes like “tree work as talked about”, but this leaves room for abuse on their part because these companies won’t have itemized what exactly was done during the job in question. These quotes can save you from being scammed and needing to pay more than required.

Types of Tree service

Tree looping

Tree looping is a process of cutting and manipulating the branches that have been around for many years. It’s not unusual to see tree looping performed in residential communities, but it can be more common on commercial properties. Tree Looping is normally carried out by an arborist or a landscape expert with a lot of experience in this field, as this method includes precise measurements and cautious execution which will require the right tools.

Often you might only require tree looping, tree surgeons will provide that service too.

Tree removal

Tree removal services are important when it concerns preserving a safe and healthy landscape. Trees, whether diseased or hazardous can pose a significant risk to passersby as well as damage the integrity of any property they’re near. When removing trees from your lawn there’s more than just cutting them down-services that include clean-up after tree trimming has happened, is critical in protecting family members on-site throughout this procedure and decreasing threat for accidents such as someone stepping on sharp roots left by fallen branches.

Tree stump removal

Tree stump removal services will make sure to take out the roots and all traces of your old tree so that you have an area clean enough for planting new trees. A stump grinding machine is normally used for the procedure. This process requires using the right tools and know-how. Mulch replacement is likewise done where needed so you don’t lose precious topsoil while replenishing areas with fresh dirt, compensating for lost ground cover if applicable.

Tree pruning

Tree pruning is important to keeping the health of your trees, and also a safety measure that can minimize liability from falling branches. The process has lots of benefits including better aesthetics when done effectively, improved air quality with more sunlight making it through leaves into our homes and workplaces, as well as as well as reducing the risks of falling branches.

Tree maintenance

Tree maintenance is the essential to its health. By carefully taking a look at irrigation, soil compactness, and pest damage an arborist will determine the wellbeing of your trees. After which they will set up an action plan that helps with their recovery in addition to ongoing care including pruning at times when they need it most.

Tree maintenance consists of removing dead or diseased limbs in order to maintain healthy foliage while minimizing possible hazards connected with fallen debris throughout storms or high winds. Tree service staff need to be careful not just about choosing the right tools for the job but likewise working carefully by making sure they are standing on steady footing at all times without any kids nearby (due to higher risk of injury).

With effective tree services, your trees will be healthy and scenarios such as tree removal due to its death will not take place. Rubbish removal tends to be included in the tree maintenance services.

Hire the right tree services company

If the company satisfies all qualities discussed above you ought to employ them for your tree care requirements. A qualified tree surgeon will understand how to identify trees, assess dangers at the worksite, and secure themselves with hazardous chemicals or chainsaws. They’ll also have the ability to trim branches, cut down felled trees manually, and operate a pole saw securely nearby of live electrical device. Furthermore, they’re trained in first aid skills for emergencies while working near other safety measures such as manual handling techniques.

Tree Surgeons Townsville

Tree Surgeons Townsville is among the leading complete tree care business in Townsville, Queensland. Our certified and experienced team can handle your requirements at a fair cost with our wide variety of services from tree lopping, trimming, or pruning to stump removal. Our experts on standby to give you the best services in Australia.

We provide safety for every single job undertaken by holding current diplomas and certificates available just here in Australia so you know that we’re qualified experts who will do quality workmanship on any trees requiring care! Whether it’s a whole makeover job or simply eliminating those rotten ones there is no better way than having us show up fast & reliable as always.

For more details about our tree services or to schedule low-cost Tree Removal Douglas wide services, call us today on 1300 712 056. You can likewise reach us by email or request a quote through our website.

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