Trees are vital to our survival as they provide us with oxygen, shade and food for humans and animals. Without trees we would not be able to survive in this world because the essential needs that these plants offer humanity could no longer exist without their aid. Here is a list of a few reasons why it is important everyone helps take care of them:

1. Trees contribute to health

Trees serve as a necessary filter in these modern times of contamination. And each individual tree removes about 2 pounds of contaminants from the air each year. Trees clean up pollutants by trapping dust through their aerial roots and cleansing the air with spores that are released into atmosphere at night time.

Trees also provide shade from solar radiation and cut down noise because they absorb sound waves like an acoustic sponge- which is pretty cool considering humans use just 25% percent less energy when around green spaces for some reason

There are many trees and shrubs that have been studied for their medicinal benefits. One such tree is the birch, which has antiseptic properties in its bark oil. Birch trees are small, with a gnarly appearance and white or light gray barks that have peeling layers due to the sun exposure they get in various regions of Australia.

Trees can also be a life saver! Research has shown that being in green spaces reduces your blood pressure, slows down your heart rate and helps reduce stress.

2. Trees benefit the environment
The trees that grow absorb carbon dioxide as they mature and the carbon stored in their wood helps to slow global warming.

Trees do more than just look pretty, they are an important part of a healthy ecosystem and provide environmental benefits like decreasing wind speeds, cooling the air, providing extra shade on hot summer days. They also reflect heat up to your skin temperature so that you feel cooler while standing beneath them! It’s estimated by scientists that trees can reduce the temperature in an area by up to 5°C.

Trees also can help protect against flooding and soil erosion, by absorbing thousands of liters of stormwater. They do this through a process called “soil buffering,” which helps to slow or stop the flow of water moving towards them when it rains.

3. Trees boost wildlife
The complexity of a tree’s microhabitats is the defining feature that sets them apart from other organisms. When they are adolescent, trees offer habitats and food to amazing groups of birds, insects, lichens fungi- all living off just one single organism! As it matures into an ancient being its trunk can also provide cover for species like bats, woodboring beetles tawny owls and woodpeckers. One mature oak could house as many as 500 different creatures at once!

4. Trees also serve to help other plants
Bees are essential for pollination, and planting trees in your garden can help attract them. Native plants will bring the right bees to you! You’ll be doing everybody a favor if you plant more native trees that love attracting these important creatures.

A recent study has shown as beekeepers have been having difficulties with colony collapse disorder (CCD), it’s imperative – not just good advice but all-important – that we all do our part by planting more trees so insects like honeybees may thrive again.

5. Trees offer economic benefits
Trees are not just a beautiful addition to your garden, but did you know they’re also great at saving money? A well-placed tree will shield the south and west sides of your home from sunlight in summer months. This is good because it means less heat entering through windows! If deciduous trees are used then during winter when there’s natural daylight hours, these same trees will allow sunshine into your living area for warmth on cold days.

Evergreen trees on the north side of your home and shrubs around the foundation of your home can serve as a windbreak to minimize the cooling impacts of winter winds.  Evergreen trees that line up with prevailing westerly winds will help shelter you from those harsh cold gusts during this time in which our energy bills are at their highest!

If you want to make your home more marketable, it’s a good idea to invest in trees. A recent study showed that those who invested in landscaping experienced an increase of 10% on their homes’ value! This is because when people see the well-cared for properties with healthy and flourishing plants and flowers they will be less likely to pass up this opportunity. However, topping can dramatically reduce the integrity of these gorgeous specimens so if you are considering trimming them down at all than there may still tremendous benefits from investing out now before its too late!

Another way trees help the environment is by reducing our energy consumption requirements. When we reduce how much power we use, it helps utility companies save money by not having to repair their infrastructure as often. This saved money can then be passed down onto consumers!

6. Trees offer communal benefits.
One of the benefits of planting trees on your land is that they can be a resource for other people nearby. For instance, tree-lined streets have been shown to reduce traffic speed and increase safety when compared with non-tree lined roads. Trees also offer many environmental opportunities such as blocking out unwanted noise so you can enjoy peace and quiet again!

If you would like to discuss adding more trees to your property, or need advice on how to keep existing trees that you own healthy, we’d love to help you.

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